Is a unique residential centre set in the glorious French countryside. With 10 bed accommodation, social & learning space, gardens, full disabled access, free wifi and our renowned hospitality. Astrofarm is the perfect holiday retreat for both single travellers and groups.  

So much more than a B&B!

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Velvet dark, clear skies, a fully equipped observatory, on site tuition and imaging ready laptops, provide everything for both the beginner and expert astronomer and astro-photographer. 




Our climate, location and history makes Astrofarm the perfect holiday location for those who enjoy photography, bird watching, walking, cycling, painting, wildlife and sightseeing.



We deliver a variety of 4 day courses in house at Astrofarm including astronomy, photography and astro-photography. We also have guest presenters delivering a wide range of topics from water colour painting, woodcraft and relaxation.


Check availability of beds, events, activities and our current special offers then book your stay directly through our quick and easy booking page .




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